Gardening company in Marrakesh since 2002

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Gardening is both our passion and our profession.

Passionate about gardens and nature, Abdellah KADDOURI, Horticultral Engineer, created in 2002, the company GARDENS & PAYSAGE DEVELOPEMENT whose main activity was the development and maintenance of gardens.
In 2007, a nursery specialized in palm production was launched. Currently, more than 3500 palm trees are being grown, with more than ten species: washingtonia, chamaerops, Phoenix canariensis, phoenix roebelenii, cycas,…
In 2011, INNOVATION GREEN will be launched with a wider range of activities. Automatic watering, outdoor lighting, creation and repair of tennis courts and maintenance of swimming pools have been started.
Since that time, we have completed about a hundred prestigious commercial projects such as the EZZAHRA Residence, ALKHOZAMA, DAR HAYAT, Villa RAMBAUD, AMAN ATLAS,…We currently have thousands of gardens to our credit.
In 2013, launch of a container plant production nursery with an annual capacity of 500,000 plants where more than 200 species and varieties are cultivated.

Mission Innovation verte, entreprise de jardinage


The essence of our corporate philosophy is to strive to be as sensitive to aesthetics as we are to land management, while creating unique and sustainable environments. A combination of planning, originality and attention to detail allows us to create gardens that are creative, attractive, yet pragmatic.

Vision Innovation Verte, société de Création espaces verts Maroc


We believe that every project is a creative journey for our client. Like any journey, it must be exciting, satisfying and enjoyable from start to finish. It is in this spirit that we have worked hard to create a company that not only does great work, but is fun to work with.

Les valeurs qui nous anime a Innovation Verte


Our mission is to strengthen the ties with nature by designing creatively. Our ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on the way you use your garden. By working hand in hand with our clients, we help navigate the design process. Together! to sculpt spaces that last for years and years.

Scented and colourful gardens at their most perfect aspect.

Creativity and exoticism allow us to compose your green spaces: Parks, Gardens, terraces, balconies and garden centres. Landscaping projects designed according to the rules of the art. With a spirit of continuity and pragmatism, our only objective: your satisfaction.


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"We appealed to Mr KADOURI Abdellah, to carry out the mission of training in "Production and Transformation of Moringa", Mr KADOURI answered our expectations and gave whole satisfaction".
Mme Armel
" We certify the quality of the services of Mr Abdellah KADDOURI's company, responsible for the creation and maintenance of our park. As such, Mr KADDOURI is in charge of the maintenance and the embellishment of this park within the framework of a contract at the year"".
Naïka International
"Mr. Abdellah KADDOURI, has carried out for us the works of planting, maintenance and treatment of the garden. These works were carried out according to the standards and gave good satisfaction."
"I certify the quality of the services of the company of Mr Abdellah KADDOURI. I attest of his competences and his professionalism in the field of integrated watering perfectly mastered, grassing, choice and guarantee of the plantations"".
Monsieur Jean CALVEL