Construction and repair of tennis courts in Morocco

A Tennis Court is always a profitable choice!

What a pleasure to treat oneself to a little game of tennis after a busy day. But also, what a pleasure to play it on your own tennis court.

Your tennis court delivered in 20 Days

The creation of a private tennis court will be an opportunity to bring a touch of pure luxury to your property and a profitable choice that increases its real estate value.

Having your own tennis court means having the freedom to play whenever you want. Invite your friends and guests to share a privileged holiday.

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To create your tennis court, you only need a space measuring 18 by 36 metres. You can call on the services of professionals who can take care of the construction of your court from the earthwork to the first serve of a set.
Plusieurs clients sont très satisfaits de nos prestations :

“Innovation verte has built a clay tennis court for us at the Amandier Hotel Ouirgane.
The work was carried out to our complete satisfaction and within the deadline” The Amandier Hotel Ouirgane Marrakech.

Get free technical assistance from an expert to help you choose the most suitable playing surface for you:

1°- A clay tennis court is the optimal and ergonomic option

Clay is the ideal surface for unparalleled playing pleasure. This surface does not present any risk of knee and joint injuries, which improves the quality of the game. However, clay courts require maintenance for a perfect result.

2°- An artificial grass tennis court: a long-lasting solution

It is a durable, low-maintenance playing surface. In addition, an artificial turf tennis court remains playable in most weather conditions. Artificial turf tennis courts are made of smooth fibres sprinkled with silica sand.

3°- A hard tennis court requires little maintenance

Hard court tennis courts are also low-maintenance and offer great value for money. You can opt for a hard court with an acrylic paint finish.

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