Assistance technique en jardinage à Marrakech

Despite of the enormous efforts made, your garden remains below your aspirations. Why not try to be assisted by a professional in the field?

From only 250dh/H

To solve the problems in your garden

Call us at: +212661248966 From 8:00-19:00

Identifying the causes and carrying out the necessary treatments and actions. 

Diagnose the malfunctions and repair them. Result : clear and crystaline pool water.

Have your gardeners trained to improve their performances. It’s always a profitable investment.

Implementation of a fertilization program to boost plant growth.

You’re too busy to keep track of your projects. We’ll take over coordination from start and finish.

Identify the issues and correct them. Adjust the valves and programmers.

Assistance to diagnose and solve problems in your garden

The garden enhances your property and adds so much beauty to your home. But, despite all your efforts, sometimes your high expectations turn into dismal disappointments.
How beautiful your garden would be if you had the assistance of someone with a solid knowledge of garden design and maintenance!
Our Horticultral Engineer is at your service to give you that artistic and technical touch that your garden needs so much.
With a very reasonable fee: 250 DH/H (beyond 15Km from Marrakesh, an additional fee of 3DH/km will be charged).
We will assist you to diagnose and solve your garden’s issues.

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Act fast to save your garden