Pool maintenance in Marrakesh

It's swimming season! Make the most of your pool.


Enjoy your pool and maximize summer fun!

Tell gods about surprises and problems with your pool maintenance. No more cloudy or green water in your pool. Say yes to clean, clear, crystal clear water.
Innovation Verte offers you a complete maintenance of your pool and its installations. At each visit, our team ensures that your pool water is crystal clear, that your equipment is functioning optimally and ergonomically, and that the chemical parameters of the water are well calibrated and at ideal levels.

Keep your pool clean and maintained


Our goal is to provide you with top quality customer service. We are always there to maintain your pool water safe for your health, sparkling clean and always ready for swimming.
For more details on the maintenance of your pool, please contact your partner

Whatever your need, we offer personalized maintenance packages throughout the Marrakech region:


Turnkey package

Everything is included in this pack labour and supply of products (Chlorine, PH-, flocculant, Anti-algae). Just bring your towels and dive into the water.

Labour Pack

only labour is provided: vacuuming, filtering, washing filters, cleaning the pool surroundings, etc... Installation of the products (the products are at your expense)


Delivery of the products

if you prefer to carry out the usual maintenance yourself. We can have the products delivered to you: Chlorine, PH-, Algicide,...


One-off intervention

You call on us to carry out a well-defined task, repair a leak, change the sand in the filter, adjust the automatic filtering,, ...etc.


Annual maintenance

This is the "TRANQUILLITY of spirit" pack: you don't have to worry about anything, neither product nor labour. Enjoy your pool all year round.



Complete training: products to use, doses to apply and methods to practice. We will provide you with a personalized user's guide for your pool.

To choose your package, please contact us, we will assist you free of charge, to determine the suitable offer for your pool.

"J’atteste de la qualité des prestations de l’entreprise de Monsieur Abdellah KADDOURI. J’atteste de ses compétences et de son professionnalisme en matière d’arrosage intégré parfaitement maîtrisé, engazonnement, choix et garantie des plantations"
Monsieur jean CALVEL.
"Nous attestons de la qualité des prestations de l’entreprise de Monsieur Abdellah KADDOURI, responsable de la création et l’entretien de notre parc. À ce titre, Mr KADDOURI est en charge de l’entretien et l’embellissement de ce parc dans le cadre d’un contrat à l’année"

Flexible offers that fit your needs

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