Landscape design in Morocco


An illustration is more meaningful than a thousand words

The landscape study allows you to visualize the layout of your future green space before you plant the first tree or shrub. It helps you to express and manifest your expectations, needs and desires. This step allows us to design a customised and made-to-measure garden just as you dream.
An illustration is often more meaningful than a thousand words. We present you with a fairly complete file: photos, sketches, outlines, ground plans, planting plans,…
We immerse ourselves in the spirit of your site, while listening to your desires and expectations, without losing sight of the technical aspects and constraints to create your haven of peace.

A garden is more than just ploughing the soil and planting ornamental plants. Above all it is a thorough technical study that reveals the constraints of your site: soil and water quality, which greatly influences the choice of suitable plants for your project.

Complete study of your Project


We support you to choose the right solution and we put our know-how, as a designer of green spaces, at your service. Our philosophy is “the most beautiful garden you can create is naturally yours”.
With INNOVATION VERTE, you feel and live your dream garden before you even plant it.

We draw up a detailed and complete study of your project: ground plan, planting plan, automatic watering plan,…
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Each scene in your green space will be presented with a sketch detailing the concept and the desired effect behind its creation.


A ground plan to visualize your future garden. This will give you a clear and precise idea of the use of your green space.


Sketch your garden to realize your wishes, your desires, make sure that our designers have understood what you would like to have in your garden.


A detailed planting plan will be presented: location of each species, spacing, planting densities.

Our clients say

"Innovation Verte Company has achieved for our account landscaping work that costs 188 400,00DH. The work quality is very satisfying with deadline respect"
"I bear witness of the quality of the benefits of Mr. KADDOURI’s company. I also bear witness of his competencies, and his professionalism considering the perfectly mastered watering, grassing, and the choice of plants warranty"
"Innovation Verte takes care, more than three years of the maintenance of our terraces, patios, ant the embellishment of our Riads. I have been really satisfied by work quality"
Dar Silsila
"I have trusted the achievement of the automatic watering of my garden to Mr. KADDOURI’s company. Have been completely satisfied in terms of competencies, quality of work, the deadline, as well as the after sale service"