For a better maintenance of your garden in Marrakech

How to have a well-kept garden all year round with ZERO worries!


The secret of well-kept gardens in Marrakech

How often do you feel disappointed when your garden is not maintained the way you want it to be?
Sometimes you spend your mornings asking gardeners to prune a tree that is too overgrown, or to weed your pretty flower bed full of weeds. Worse still is seeing your favourite plant dying without anyone thinking to treat it.
And how often do you solve a problem before you realize that another one is appearing?
Imagine how much fun it would be if you didn’t have to deal with it anymore!

Who is the best than a professional to take care of your garden?

Indulge in your important concerns, or simply relax in your hammock in the shade at the bottom of your garden.
Rest assured your garden is in very good hands. We have brought joy and satisfaction to hundreds of garden owners like you.

We can also take care of:


Mowing and scarifying the lawn

Essential maintenance operations for the success and beauty of your lawn. Our maintenance contracts include weekly mowing and annual scarification.


Weeding of lawns and flower beds

Enjoy a weed-free lawn. Clean beds and lawns throughout the year. In 70% of the cases we use ecological solutions: thermal and mechanical weeding,...


Pruning and trimming of trees and hedges

Your trees, shrubs and hedges are pruned regularly. Different types of pruning are carried out according to the needs of the plants: fruiting pruning, maintenance,...


Fertilizers application

The nutrient needs of your plants are met throughout the seasons. A fertilization program is carefully developed and applied. Deficiencies are prevented.


Treatment of diseased plants

The health of your garden is our priority. Prophylactic methods are adopted to prevent the appearance of diseases or pest attacks. Only organic products are used.


Irrigation maintenance

A maintenance contract for your automatic watering system guarantees that every plant in your garden is properly irrigated. All adjustments are included.


Satisfying the needs of your plants

We offer you this pleasure of satisfaction, simply by calling 0661248966 or e-mail to [email protected].

A competent and experienced team of gardeners takes care of your garden like a mother pampers her baby.

The green hands of our workers take care of all the usual maintenance operations. We offer you plants everything they need to show their luxuriant aspects.

"I certify the quality of the services of the company of Mr Abdellah KADDOURI. I attest of his skills and professionalism in terms of integrated watering perfectly controlled, grassing, choice and guarantee of plantations".
Monsieur jean CALVEL.
"We certify the quality of the services of the company of Mr KADDOURI, responsible for the creation and maintenance of our park. As such, Mr KADDOURI is in charge of the maintenance and the embellishment of this park within the framework of a contract at the year".

The maintenance of your garden without worries

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