Create your dream garden in Marrakesh

Beautify your garden and enjoy its beauty throughout the year. Call a professional near you in Marrakech.


The secret of stunning gardens in Morocco

You want to lay out your garden but don’t know where to start? You hesitate between a Modern and Chic style garden or a Japanese Zen type garden. So keep reading, it’s specially written for you.
You dream of having a bed of red poppy rose or immaculate white at your majestic entrance but you are not sure if the location is suitable or not.
It is quite normal to feel this hesitation and sometimes even frustration. You have enough ideas and projects that you want to realize in your garden. It is our role as an expert and specialist to assist you and bring you that technical and artistic touch.

We support you from the preparation of the soil, the choice of plants and the installation of the lawn.


Soil preparation

An essential step for the success of your future garden. This step is often neglected and hastily carried out, resulting in poor growth and development of your plants.


Plants of High quality

Make the right choice of species that best adapt to your soil type, climatic conditions and especially to the environment of your project: disease-free plants.


Lawn plantation

Sowing with varieties that are tolerant of environmental conditions, resistant to trampling. Varieties that enhance the rest of your garden.


Creating the garden that shines with 1001 colors in Marrakech

Whether it is the creation of a private garden or the creation of a green space for your company’s headquarters, Innovation verte will know how to propose and carry out the appropriate layout.
At Innovation verte, we give character to your dream garden. In each of its parts, we strive to create interest along the seasons: staggered flowering, alternating evergreen and deciduous foliage, the sound of water flowing in fountains and waterfalls, etc.
We are aware of the importance of putting together plants that contrast but harmonize, plants of botanical interest but which, at the same time, are pretty, fragrant, flowering, …

"Among the companies that have realized my house in Marrakech, I bear witness of the quality of the benefits of Mr. KADDOURI’s company. I also bear witness of his competencies, and his professionalism considering the perfectly mastered watering, grassing, and the choice of plants warranty"
Monsieur jean CALVEL.
"We certify the quality of the services of the company of Mr Abdellah KADDOURI, responsible for the creation and maintenance of our park. As such, Mr Abdellah KADDOURI is in charge of the maintenance and the embellishment of this park within the framework of a contract at the year".


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