Automatic watering in Morocco

The intelligent use of water.

Conception système arrosage automatique Maroc

Water your garden intelligently

Automatic watering is the key to the success and sustainability of your garden. How disappointing it is to see, each time you walk around the garden, that your favourite plants are disappointed by the lack of watering. Even worse is to realize that your plants lose their shine and develop increased yellowing due to over-watering.
The design and installation of an irrigation system is a complex operation, and one that must be well thought out to be efficient and profitable.

What better than an automatic watering system will ensure the irrigation of your plants!!!

Etude et dimensionnement

Our design office carries out for you the study and dimensioning of your automatic watering system. Each area of your garden is correctly irrigated.

Maintenance arrosage automatique

Installation et réglage

The installation of an automatic sprinkler system requires very advanced technical skills. Benefit from an installation that complies with the norms and standards.

Réparation arrosage automatique

Entretien et Maintenance

A maintenance contract for your automatic watering system guarantees that every plant in your garden is properly irrigated. are included.

Arrosage automatique maroc etude, realisation et entretien

The smart use of water!

For optimal and intelligent watering pleasure, your network is installed by professionally trained and experienced specialists and employees.  This is how we guarantee you high-quality watering systems. During the construction, the excavation, laying of pipes, connection of accessories as well as the connection of solenoid valves and programmers are carried out by specialists.

Study, installation and maintenance of automatic watering systems.

Innovation Verte offers to study and realize your automatic watering everywhere in Morocco. Our installations take into account :

Customer Testimonials

"I certify the quality of the services of the company of Mr Abdellah KADDOURI. I attest of his skills and professionalism in terms of integrated watering perfectly controlled, grassing, choice and guarantee of plantations".
Monsieur jean CALVEL.
"I have trusted the achievement of the automatic watering of my garden to Mr. Abdellah KADDOURI’s company. Have been completely satisfied in terms of competencies, quality of work, the deadline, as well as the after sale service"